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Team Losi Racing 5IVE-B Race Kit 1/5 4WD Buggy (TLR05001)

Team Losi Racing 5IVE-B Race Kit 1/5 4WD Buggy

Price: 849.00


Product Details

Please note this is a kit build and requires full essembly. Engine/Exhaust are not included.

Like the championship-winning 8IGHT™ platform on which it is based, the big 5IVE-B™ buggy has been engineered for one thing – winning races. No mere RTR conversion, it is a purpose-designed racing kit that you equip with the engine and electronics of your choice.

Purpose-Built Racing Chassis
Unlike most so-called 1/5-scale racing buggies, this one comes with a chassis specifically engineered for competition. Inspired by the legendary TLR® 8IGHT™ platform, it is machined from hard-anodized, 5mm 6061-T6 aluminium and features a shorter wheel base for better handling. It also has milled pockets that save weight and allow enough flex for maximum traction under hard acceleration.

Heavy Duty Brakes
Stamped-steel rotors, combined with the heavy duty plates and pads, provide a sense of confidence and control that let racers drive harder into the turns and come to a stop more quickly. Front-to-rear braking bias can also be fine-tuned for evolving track conditions.

Dual-Steering-Servo Radio Tray
The radio tray can accommodate the most powerful 1/5-scale servos available. The Spektrum(tm) line of 1/5-scale servos (sold separately) are great choices. Their patent-pending Back EMF technology prevents servo fade and maintains maximum holding power for the duration of a receiver pack.

Racing Body and Wing
The cab-forward body and wing are inspired by those used on 1/8-scale racing buggies. The distinctive shape of the body moves aerodynamic pressure further forward on the car, which improves steering at speed. The wing has a removable wicker bill for adjusting rear downforce.

Aluminium Clutch Carrier and Centre Diff Case
Harnessing the power of a high-output gas engine during an hour long main requires a race-bred drive system engineered to exacting standards. The 5IVE-B buggy has one. Both the clutch carrier and centre-differential case are made of CNC machined aluminium that adds strength and durability as well as dissipates heat.

Hard-Anodized Aluminium Shocks and Shock Towers
The hard anodized, 24mm shocks include bleeder caps that make them easier to build without sacrificing performance. The shocks also benefit from X-rings, shock boots and TiCN shock shafts for smooth, consistent performance. The shock towers offer multiple shock mounting options that give racers an abundance of tuning options for different track conditions.

One-Piece Glue-Style Wheels
The low rotational mass of these wheels allow the buggy to accelerate faster with less stress on drivetrain components.

Air Filter Designed Specifically for the 5IVE-B Buggy
Whatever 25-32cc engine you choose, the included air filter has been designed to let it breathe deep so your 5IVE-B buggy gets the monster horsepower it was built for.

Axle Boots
The boots help keep grease in and dirt out so your axles last longer and require less maintenance.

Adjustable Toe and Anti-Squat Plates
These provide even more ways to tune the traction and overall performance of the chassis.

Spark Plug Protector
Designed for the rigors of competitive off-road racing, this protector will prevent spark plug damage from rollovers and other impacts.

Engine Brace/Mesh Plate
The engine brace/mesh plate keeps gears in proper alignment under all conditions.


Type: 1/5 Scale 4WD Buggy
Length: 831.8 - 844.5mm (32.75 - 33.25 in) Depending on Wing Spacer Used
Width: 457.2mm (18.0 in)
Height: 308mm (12.13 in)
Ground Clearance: 88.9 mm (3.5 in)
Wheelbase: 577.9mm (22.75 in)
Weight: 13.8kg (30.5 lbs)
Chassis: 5mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminium
Suspension: 4-Wheel Independent
Gear Pitch: 1.5 Module
Wheel Size: 139.7mm (5.5 in) x 63.5mm (2.5 in)
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: 24mm, Hard Anodized, Oil Filled with Bleeder Caps
Engine Size: 25cc to 32cc Petrol (not included)
Drivetrain: 4WD
Differential: Sealed Bevel Gear
Pinion: 20T
Spur Gear: 58T
Gear Pitch: MOD 1.5
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.3:1
Final Drive Ratio: 9.59:1
Body: Clear Cab Forward
Ball Bearings: Full Rubber Seal Ball Bearings in Car, Metal Shield for Clutch housing
Fuel Tank Capacity: 800cc (27.1 oz)
Experience Level: All-Terrain
Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 7-9 Hours


Hard-anodized, 5mm 6061-T6 aluminium chassis plate
Fully adjustable heavy duty brakes
Dual-steering-servo radio tray
Aluminium clutch carrier and centre-diff case
Hard-anodized, 24mm aluminium shocks with bleeder caps
Hard-anodized aluminium shock towers with multiple mounting holes
Light, one-piece, glue-style wheels
Specially designed air filter for racing engines
Protective axle boots
Adjustable toe and anti-squat plates
Racing wing with removable wicker bill
Cab-forward racing body
Radio tray with wire channel and rear-mount power switch
Ball-bearing ackerman plate with nutted screws
Light weight dogbones for reduced rotating mass
Engine mounted spark plug protector
Receiver battery steel heat shield

Needed to Complete:

Assembly Tools
2-Channel Radio and Receiver
Engine and Exhaust
Petrol and oil
2 x Steering Servos and a Throttle Servo
Battery Pack
Polycarbonate Paint

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