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MMR Pro MX 50cc Engine (BZM/MMR) (RCMMRPROMX50)

MMR Pro MX 50cc Engine (BZM/MMR)

Price: 1,350.00




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Product Details

Important please read.

This is the worlds undisputed most powerful power plant for a Largescale RC. With that being the case a expert level of engine knowladge is required this is not an engine for the beginner

Here it is the worlds most Powerful production baja engine! "Probably"
Designed in conjunction with Dawson 2 strokes and MMR have produced a monster!
This is a truely drop in replacement engine with all the power you could ever need.
The engine comes complete with exhaust,carb and ingnition system.
Only conventional 2 shoe clutch's can be used at this time.

14hp 5+ ft/lbs of torque!

Technical details.

50cc normally aspirated 2 stroke engine , hand built in the UK
Bore & Stroke ; 40mm x 39.2mm
Crankshaft ; Polini (minimoto)
Main bearings ; Fag 6202c4 with phonologic cages.
Crankshaft seals ; BZM racing - with low friction coating
Crankcase ; Custom made from billet with reed induction
Reed valves ; Stage 6 with 8 petals
Cylinder; BZM (minimoto) 5 transfers , exhaust port with boosters , Nicasil lining
Piston ; BZM with 1mm chrome ring
Cylinder head ; Custom made from billet , with red anodise
Cooling head
Ignition ; Electronic - inner rotor with cdi & custom pawls for the starter.
Starter; Pull start with auto re-winding cord.
Carburettor ; Walbro WJ105 . 17.46mm venturi.
Clutch ; Centrifugal with 2 shoes
Fuel ; Min 94 Ron unleaded gasoline with 3% oil
Exhaust ; Specially designed for this engine & hand built in the UK.
Upgrade parts
BZM Factory Silver stuffed crankshaft with CNC connecting rod - stroke 39.2mm
BZM Factory Gold stuffed crankshaft with CNC connecting rod - stroke 39.8mm
Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 reed block with carbon petals.
Hand porting by Scott Finlay of MMR, "The man that created the worlds fastest Minimoto"

We reserve the right to modify specification without prior notice in the interest of product development.