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Pro MX 30.5cc Engine (RCMMRPROMXENG)

Pro MX 30.5cc Engine

Price: 355.00





TPS Ignition

Product Details

The ultimate Largescale RC Ported engine is finally here and exclusive to MMR Largesale. We take a CY R290 engine, fit a 30mm stroke stuffed crank. Scott finlay prepares the cylinder with his "Pro MX port diagram" & modifies the combustion chamber to correct the compression ratio & the squish band area & clearence.

The engine is re-assembled using a copper base gasket. Comes complete with WT668 carb, clutch housing , clutch with red spring.

This engine is built to order so they are not listed as in stock. Lead times for this build are upto two weeks.
This is a race prepared product and there is a limited warranty.

Online Catalogue | Engine & Accessories |  2-Stroke Engines