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Killer RC Super Bee 3 (RCKBSK3)

Killer RC Super Bee 3

Price: 54.90

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Product Details

This Super bee kit kills your 2-cycle engine on command, during a radio glithc, low battery or total battery loss
4 Kill switch versions in 1. no need for multiple divert versions for differnt radios. Works with most 2,3,4 and 4+ radios.
Ooptional dual ignition contacts for twin engines.
Adjusatable low battery cut off: Choose from 3,4,5,6v cut off (great for LiFe or LiPo packs)
Adjustable glitch sensativity.
Multi colour built in LED.
Buzzer output for multiple tones.
LED output can power upto 8 sets of Killer RC LED light pods.
Dual engine temp sensors with adjustable thermal protection. (Optional temp sensor coming soon)
Data logging (optional module coming soon)
Half the size of the previous killer Bee's
Ignition coil wiring with quick disconnect and EMI filter.

Online Catalogue | Hop-Ups | Manufacturers |  Killer RC