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Darksoul Toobz 4pkt comp install tool (RCDSR0013)

Darksoul Toobz 4pkt  comp install tool

Price: 32.99


Product Details

TOOBZ (4 piece set) with Install Tool
The DarkSoul TOOBZ takes a different approach to reinforcing drive cups. Instead of a narrow and relatively thick ring held in place with epoxy, welded, or machined into the end of the cup, we have designed a sleeve that slides over the entire stock drive cup. This encasement of the cup, we feel offers many advantaged to the traditional reinforced drive cups.

Why work with the stock cups instead of starting from scratch?

The stock HPI drive cups have proven to be a very good product, but they do have the one "fatal flaw", no reinforcement at the outer edge, and with so many engines now putting out double and even triple the amount of horsepower as a stock engine, they just cannot stand up to the punishment. Short of that one flaw, the HPI cups are extremely well made from quality material, and are properly heat treated, so it's the perfect platform to work from. As well, everyone has a set, regardless of which Baja you have, 5b, 5t, RTR, SS or 2.0, if you bought your Baja new, you have a set of stock drive cups.

Why cover the entire drive cup?

1. Strength By encasing the entire cup, you actually create more strength along the entire edge of the drive pin slots because regardless of the materials used, or how well the dog bone/drive cup is greased, it's a matter of simple physics, which sooner or later, you will start to groove the cup slots. By adding a sleeve to the the entire cup, you create a barrier that will help resist the mushrooming effect of the drive slot by the dog bone pins. Although the TOOBZ are very thin, the tube shape is an extremely strong structures, and by running the full length of the drive cup, a virtually unbreakable and long lasting drive cup is created.
2. Installation. By using a long "sleeve", the TOOBZ can be easily installed by the end user with confidence that they will not pop off or shift. The TOOBZ installation, and resulting "lock" to the drive cup results from a combination press and slip fit (the inside bore is not actually a constant diameter from one end to the other). The step on the back of the drive cup acts as a "catch" to make sure that the TOOBZs are seated on all the way. The combination slip fit / press fit allows the TOOBZ to be permanently seated on the drive cup, but without squeezing the cup and reducing it's inside diameter. As well, since theTOOBZ are installed from the back of the cup forward, should they work themselves loose for any reason, they are still held in place by the bearing that they are resting up against.
3. Dog bone Boots. All factory and aftermarket boots will work. TOOBZ drive cup sleeves will actually make traditional boots work better, because of the knurled texture of the outer diameter, this knurled surface will grip the boots better than a smooth surface, and help keep them in place. The boots will also be more secure to the drive cup because there is no way for the grease to squeeze in between the boot and the drive cups.


DarkSoul TOOBZ are the first, and currently the only reinforced drive cup offering that is compatible with HemiStorm "Hemiboots". If you are not already familiar with HemiBoots, they are a "non-rotating" dog bone boot that solves many issues associated with traditional dog bone boots. The low profile TOOBZ / drive cup combination allow for enough clearance to fit inside the Hemiboot adapter rings. This will make for the ultimate protection and long life for your dog bone drive pins and drive cups.
4. Grease retention. Since the entire length of the drive cup is now enclosed, grease has nowhere to go except the opening of the cup. Having the slots enclosed will not allow grease to squeeze out between the drive cup and boot by the dog bone working back and forth through its articulation. Better grease retention equals longer life for your dog bone pins and drive cups.
5. Price. A set of TOOBZ is inexpensive , and since the majority of Baja owners already have stock drive cups, or at least they will when they start out, outfitting your drive cups with TOOBZ is an extremely inexpensive way to beef up your drive train.

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